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Mauch Chunk Trust is an independent wealth management firm dedicated to helping clients find solutions to their financial concerns. We understand how daunting financial planning can be in an ever-changing climate, and we are here to help. Our company offers comprehensive investment management and financial strategies tailored directly to you and your goals. We pride ourselves in seeing our clients grow, so our plans will always be customized to your unique needs. Let us help you create a financial strategy that you can trust.

What is Retirement Planning?

Planning for retirement is the best way to ensure that your post-employment years will be safe and secure. By analyzing your current income and future goals, you can decide on an action plan for how to save leading up to the day you retire. The planning process usually requires identifying sources of income, creating a realistic savings program, preserving assets, and managing risk. The task may seem daunting, but the outcome is well worth the effort. Retirement is an essential part of most people’s lives, and making the experience as comfortable as possible is our primary goal.

Retirement Planning - Where to Begin 

When it comes to planning for retirement, the best time to start is now. With more time spent planning and saving, your assets have more time to accumulate and grow. Many people begin the process by determining their unique needs and goals for their retirement and basing their savings plans on their desired future. From there, we can assist you in opening a savings account, contributing to your employer-sponsored retirement plan, exploring other retirement plans offered by employers, and investing for your long-term income requirements. All of these options are great, but finding the best combination of choices for your situation is important. Speaking to one of our financial advisors can help you decide the best individualized course of action.

Popular Retirement Plan Options

  • 401(k)

This plan is usually offered by employers as an employee benefit. The plan allows individuals to contribute some of their pre-tax paychecks to tax-deferred investments, reducing the amount of taxes on the income you would need to pay that year. The assets will grow tax-deferred until they are withdrawn during retirement. 

  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

This is a tax-favored account, and it is used to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s, etc. You can choose which investment options you would like to partake in. Contributions are made with pre-tax dollars which may mean you will pay less in taxes when you withdraw the funds as retirement income because you may be in a lower tax-bracket at that time.

  • Roth (IRA)

With this option, contributions are made with after-tax dollars, but once you begin generating money within the IRA those dollars are never taxed again. This option also lets you withdraw contributions before retirement without penalty so long as it has been five years since your first contribution.

How We Can Help - Retirement Planner

Choosing between these main options and the many other variations that exist is not a simple process. It requires analyzing your current income status, your goal income during retirement, current and future spending patterns, and your own individual quality of life requirements during your older years. Sifting through all of this information and doing it accurately is crucial for a comfortable retirement, and our retirement planners can help keep you on track. Specializing in financial strategies, our retirement planners will analyze your past and present financial situations and develop a plan tailored to your unique vision. Don’t delay retirement planning any longer because you feel overwhelmed by the process. Our retirement planners can help you to feel more comfortable now and in your post-employment years.

Key Takeaways

The best time to begin planning for retirement is now, and our local retirement planners can help you do just that. Navigating the many retirement options and the details of your own financial situation can seem complicated, but delaying the process will only lead to lost time - time that could have been spent growing your savings and accumulating your wealth. Rather than feel overwhelmed, or miss out on time spent expanding your savings, speak with one of our local retirement planners who can help get you on track with a program that matches you, your needs, and your retirement goals.